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Senior Photography: Class of 2023 Senior Influencer Content Creation Shoot

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

Our Class of 2023 Senior Influencer Content Creation Shoot took place a few weeks ago (Superbowl Sunday, in fact – can you tell I’m not a huge football fan?🤣). It was literally the most fun I’ve had in forever! This was a new offering for the Class of 2023 team and was unlike anything we’d done in the past. This shoot quickly became one of my favorites, and one of the team’s favorites as well! What was different about this shoot, was that instead of me taking the photos, the team took them with their cell phones to learn how to create their own content for social media. The day began with a short course on how to navigate social media safely & effectively which is super important in today’s world! From there, with my guidance, the team got to spend some time together and individually creating their own content for social.

The shoot was held at Social Studio Pgh on the South Side. I found it online and the space looked intriguing, but I had never been there before and the place absolutely blew me away! Rachel, the owner, was super helpful and took me on a tour when we arrived. Social Studio Pgh has two floors with different “sets” to use for content creation. On the main floor are static sets that change periodically, and the upper level sets are themed around a holiday or time of year. When we went, the upper level was themed for Valentine’s Day! All of the sets were super cute and different and I was literally like a kid in a candy store! (I even took a few minutes before my team arrived to get some images for myself!)

Social Studio Pgh was equipped with everything that someone would need to create some amazing content for social – from ring lights to bluetooth controlled remotes for your phone’s camera.

The Valentine’s Day Sets

Here are some of the images that my team created using the Valentine’s Day sets. Keep in mind, all of the images in this post are from my team’s cell phones and are images that they conceptualized and created themselves. I think they did an amazing job!

Pittsburgh PA Senior Influencer Content Creation Shoot

I love images that are created in a “series”. Meaning, images taken where the poses/expressions are slightly different between clicks of the shutter. Rachel did this instinctively and created this super adorable Valentine’s Day series of images!

Pittsburgh PA Senior Influencer Content Creation Shoot

Our time at Social Studio Pgh flew by and I can’t wait to go back! I may even schedule a day just for myself to get some more content for my social media. The team loved it too, and by the end of the afternoon, the moms were getting in on some of the images with their daughters. It was a cool experience and I was so happy to see the mom’s get involved too!

The Other (super cute) Sets

Here are some more images from the day. All created by the team on their cell phones. And, don’t you agree? The sets are uber cute!!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

My favorite room of the entire day was the “Pittsburgh Room”. I could have spent the entire day in that one room. The room was full of confetti AND a wind thrower?! I seriously NEED a confetti room in my house! A place where I would retreat when I was in a bad mood and needed a pick me up. I would simply tell my husband, “I’ll be in the confetti room.”, and then disappear for hours! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Literally, SO MUCH FUN! I had confetti in my boots when I took them off hours later.  And, I can pretty much guarantee that the team took home some confetti as well!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

There you have it. Our very first Senior Influencer Team Content Creation Shoot was a huge success! The shoot will definitely be a staple of the team from here on out. If you want a fun afternoon, be sure to check out Social Studios Pittsburgh. They even host birthday parties! (What is “too old” to have a party there? Asking for a friend. 😉)

And, if you are looking for a unique experience for your senior year that will teach you how to create content, collab with brands, get your pick of our premium senior session dates, have fun get togethers, have giving back days, and give you year-round images for social (along with your senior session) then you need to check out the team! You can read more about it here and click here to sign up to get more info, but don’t delay, the team for the Class of 2024 is enrolling now!

Session Location: Social Studio Pgh

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