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Want to elevate your senior year? Are you outgoing & an influencer among your peers? Always posting on social media? Love to meet new people and have new experiences? Our Style Squad Senior Influencer Team may be for you! Our program is THE coolest experience in the Pittsburgh area! This exclusive program is open to outstanding area Juniors/Rising Seniors. 




The Senior Experience


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Being a senior influencer for Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography means that YOU have the opportunity to represent the Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography brand by being a #staceylynsenior, but this program is about SOOOO much more than that! 

First off, I’ve completely revamped the program starting with Class of 2023 to fit what you guys want! You are an entirely new generation with an entirely new set of ideals and interests and I want my influencer team to reflect that. You guys are no longer willing to settle for status quo and generic images … you all want authentic, real experiences and images that tell your story - your whole story. You want to connect on a deeper level with not only your friends at school, but also your followers on social media. Sound about right?

I am proud to be the person bringing the influencer team model to the Pittsburgh area! This is the first program of its kind in the area, and I am so passionate about helping area teens navigate social media in an effective, but safe way. My passion is creating high-end portrait experiences for high school seniors that uplift and encourage them to be unapologetically authentic and show up as the person that they were meant to be in this world. That “why” is built into everything that I create for my business and the influencer team model is an extension of that purpose!

Social media continues to grow and be used by brands to market their products and services… now we have more opportunities than ever to continue that! I have used social media myself to grow my brand and create brand awareness and continue to research the best, most effective ways to do this!
Did you know that the rise of micro-influencers and teen influencers on Instagram is exploding right now...with so many opportunities for young people to connect with their community and gain exposure and sometimes actual monetary gain - for sharing their lives in an authentic way?  
Tie that in with brands who want to get their products/clothing out there, and you have a recipe for some really awesome collaborations.  
Part of what I do with my TEAM is offer these collab opportunities to you, which will not only provide killer photos for you to share on social, but also possibilities of acquiring actual brand deals.
I help team members navigate that world if that is something they want to do.
And if you’re not into that, NO WORRIES - the team involves a LOT more than just that ;)
Most of my past influencer team members have said the thing they loved the MOST about being on the team was the opportunity to meet other high school seniors outside of their own friend group.  

meet Stacey

I'm a quirky, coffee-obsessed gal who never grew up. I am TERRIFIED of bees, always forget to take my lens cap off at the start of a shoot (rolls eyes) and secretly think I should be on SNL or American Idol. I LOVE working with you guys because you have the world by the kahunas (can I say that?), are full of energy, and are usually up for anything.

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super fun & awesome senior
photographer located in pittsburgh, pa

meet the current team

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Behind The Scenes

hempfield High school

Brooklyn is well rounded! She is on Hempfield Area High School's varsity tennis team, and is involved in theater participating in her school's plays and musicals. She also loves the outdoors and taking hikes with her friends and her dog, Penny.

I first met Brooklyn when I photographed her family at Seton Hill College and was thrilled when she wanted to be a member of Style Squad!

We did Brooklyn's senior session at Simmon's Farm. She came well prepared with a variety of very stylish wardrobe options that were perfect for the sprawling flower fields!

We had a ton of fun exploring every inch of the farm, and Brooklyn was up for anything which made for a great session!

We chased the light right up until sunset which gave us some gorgeous glowy images. Poor Brooklyn got a few bug bites from lying down in the grass for an epic shot, but that photo became one of her favorites so she ultimately said that the bug bites were "totally worth it".

Brooklyn plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh for Nursing, specializing in neonatology. I can't wait to see what she does in the world!

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five fun facts

1. Fave Way to Spend Free Time: Shopping for unnecessary things
2. Passionate About: Mental health & spreading awareness of the importance of a persons mental well being.
3. Favorite Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
4. One Word That Describes You: Driven
5. Future Plans: To attend a nursing program and specialize in neonatology.



congratulations, brooklyn!

Featured in:

senior year magazine

"Senior Year Magazine started in December, 2015 as an Instagram account to feature the work of high school senior photographers from across the US. To date, we have over 12,000 followers and have featured over 8,000 amazing images of high school seniors by photographers from all over the world. In 2019, we published our first print magazine featuring high school senior photographers worldwide."

~ Beverly Williams, Founder and Publisher Senior Year Magazine


five fun facts



1. Sports: Baseball, Snowboarding
2. Spends Free Time: Playing Playstation & hitting the gym
3. Favorite Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A (hmmm...I'm sensing a trend)
4. One Word That Describes You: Determined
5. Style: Laid back casual

I first met Brady a few years ago when his sister was a member of my first ever Style Squad team & was super happy to learn that Brady wanted to be on this year's team!

Brady attends Norwin High School and is on the varsity baseball team. In addition to being a great baseball player, Brady excels at academics off the field and is has earned a place on National Honor Society.

For Brady's session he wanted an urban vibe with some grunge graffiti. He is a snowboarder as well and wanted some photos with his board.

We decided on the North Shore for Brady's session with some images around PNC Park, on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, & down by the river. After that, we headed over to the Color Park for some rad images of the Pittsburgh skyline and Brady's snowboard.

We even had some fun playing in a puddle for some cool reflection shots. Although, I need to be a bit more careful...I was so focused on getting the perfect shot that I forgot where I was and sat down right in the puddle!

Brady plans to attend Duquesne University.

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norwin high school


five fun facts



1. Loves to be on the ice...⛸
2. Plays a mean flute
3. Fave restaurant: Red Robin (buffalo sauce & burgers!)
4. One Word That Describes You: Observant
5. She fosters kittens! (That just makes me want to hang out at her house like, all the time!)

I love when Emily is in front of my camera! She has such a cool vibe about her and the lens absolutely loves her. I first met Emily when she was in middle school and I photographed her for a magazine that I shot for at the time. I made a mental note then, to reach out when she was a junior to see if she wanted to participate in Style Squad - and she said "yes". YAY!

Emily loves urban streetwear, and despite being nervous about her outfit choices, she absolutely nailed it for her urban session in downtown Greensburg.

We had a ton of fun walking through alleys, climbing fire escapes, and playing in some ivy that was hanging in a doorway (check out the behind-the-scenes video below). We finished at sunset on the roof of a parking garage to get some dreamy golden images!

Emily plans to attend California University of PA after high school for neuroscience and plans to go on for her Ph.D. She also plans to continue to play the flute as part of the Cal U band.

I'm sure she will continue to come home on the weekends to spend time with the adorable kittens that her family is always fostering - how could she stay away?💕

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norwin high school


Loving what you've seen so far? Ready to inquire but not sure what to do next? We've GOT you! Read on for the must-have answers to your must-ask questions. Then, once you have all of the deets, hit us up to learn more and get on our VIP list!

FAQs: what you need to know


NO WAY! EVERYONE is welcomed & celebrated at Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography and our senior influencer team members are no exception!  Everyone who wants to take part in the senior influencer experience is welcome! That being said, I do pour a ton of time & energy into the program and I've found the experience is most meaningful when I cap the team at between 8 - 10 seniors. 

are we "chosen" to be on the team? 

question #1:

NONE of my senior influencer team members are models, and most have never worked with a professional photographer before and THAT'S OK! The senior influencer program isn't about your looks. It's about acceptance, living your truth, and having the confidence to unapologetically be YOU! Let me handle the photography stuff like posing, lighting, locations and what-to-wear. It's my job to photograph you looking your best (and I'm pretty darn good at that!). All you have to do is show up with an open mind, enthusiasm and a willingness to have fun!


question #2:

SO MUCH!!!!! Our senior influencer team members are VIPS at Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography! You get ALL the perks and a ton of surprises that are "top-secret classified" until you've been accepted into the program. We are bursting at the seams to tell you more but we don't want to spoil the surprises! That would be like finding your Christmas gifts before they are under the tree.'ll probably be Insta-famous by the end of Senior Year...just sayin;)

What's in it for me? 

question #3:

As I mentioned earlier, I pour a TON of my time and energy into the senior influencer program, so there is an investment to participate. However, I believe so strongly in this program and am so excited to bring it to Pittsburgh area seniors  that you can get in on the team for LESS than the cost of a regular senior session! Wait, what?! (I'm sure you're thinking "is this chick nuts?") I assure you...I am not "nuts", just SUPER passionate about instilling confidence into Gen Z, helping them successfully navigate social media, and giving them an ahhh-mazing experience to elevate their senior year! You will be given all investment details at a later date so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this program is feasible for you.

Convinced yet? This is the hottest ticket in town - so what are you waiting for?
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What's it cost? 

question #4: