Learn to be a CONTENT CREATOR, work with local/online brands & have year-round content for social! The only program like this in the Pittsburgh area!

SLBP creator team  

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Meet Stacey


Want an epic experience that is the only one of its kind in the Pittsburgh area? Have something to say & want to be an influencer among your peers? Want to up level your social media following, but not sure how? Desire to collab with brands for cash and free product? Love to meet new people and have new experiences like fun shoots with wardrobe, hair and makeup, and lots more? Our SLBP Creator Team may be for you! 

This exclusive program is open to Pittsburgh area Juniors/Rising Seniors. During this 16 month program, you will work with me as well as local/online brands to create content for social media through styled photoshoots, content creation days, social media workshops, and unique experiences. You will learn how to safely and effectively negotiate brand deals on your own if that is something you want to do. Plus...you will have access to all of the content that we create so that you have year-round content for social media! The program also includes community outreach opportunities, educational workshops, mentoring, & peer connection.

An important note: EVERYONE is welcome to have a spot on the team! We believe in inclusivity and do NOT go through a selection process based on physical appearance, popularity, or other criteria. If you want this experience, you are welcome here. However, because of the amount of time that it takes me to run this team, I do have to limit the team to a certain number each year.

Learn to be a CONTENT CREATOR, work with local/online brands & have year-round content for social! The only program like this in the Pittsburgh area!

SLBP creator team  

The Senior Experience


Meet the Current team


Being a member of the SLBP Creator Team means that YOU have the opportunity to represent the Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography brand by being a #slbpsenior, as well as collaborate with other local/online brands to represent them as well. But, even if you aren't into being a content creator, this program is packed with tons of fun and unique experiences and is a surefire way to have an epic Senior Year!

The first iteration of this program started with the Class of 2023 (before that I had a more traditional senior model program). Each year I revise the program to keep up with current trends to keep it fresh & relevant for each graduating class! I have seen that what you guys want is constantly changing. You are an ever evolving generation with an entirely new set of ideals and interests and I want my creator team to reflect that. You guys are no longer willing to settle for status quo and generic images … you all want authentic, real experiences and images that tell your story - your whole story. You want energy and movement in your images. You want to connect on a deeper level with not only your friends at school, but also your followers on social media. Sound about right?

I love that I get to be the person bringing the creator team model to the Pittsburgh area! This is the first program of its kind in the area, and I am so passionate about helping area teens navigate social media in an effective, but safe way, as well as giving you an outlet to share your voice & your gifts, and step into your power as a confident young adult. I believe every person is unique and should embrace their uniqueness...not hide from it. You were given your gifts because they are meant to be shared! Helping you to discover and share your gifts confidently and unapologetically is my purpose behind everything that I create for my business and the SLBP Creator Team is no exception!

Social media continues to grow and be used by brands to market their products and services…did you know that no matter how many followers you have on social, that you have influence? Well...you do! You are a micro-influencer & brands want to work with you! Right now. Today. Let me share my knowledge from growing my brand as a small business owner with YOU so that you can connect with brands & your community, gain exposure, and even some $$ or free product (#coolestsummerjobever)!
And if you’re not into that, NO WORRIES - the team involves a LOT more than just that ;) and I'd love to have you on board! From styled photoshoots, professionally styled hair/makeup & wardrobe, fun get togethers, unique experiences, community outreach, & more I'm confident that you will find something to love as part of the team. I have a lot of new things in the works for the Class of 2025 Team & can't wait to share them! 

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meet Stacey

I'm a quirky, coffee-obsessed gal who never grew up. I am TERRIFIED of bees, always forget to take my lens cap off at the start of a shoot (rolls eyes) and secretly think I should be on SNL or American Idol. I LOVE working with you guys because you have the world by the kahunas (can I say that?), are full of energy, and are usually up for anything.

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super fun & awesome senior
photographer located in pittsburgh, pa

meet the current team

current team members

SLBP creator team

Behind The Scenes

mars area High school

I first met Maddie a few years ago when we photographed her brother, Zach's, senior session. I was thrilled when Maddie said that she wanted me to do her senior photos too!

Maddie is a competitive dancer for Intensity Dance Academy & is also captain of the Mars Dance Team. She is also in National Honor Society, Enrichment Club, German Club, Interact Club, & German National Honor Society. In addition, she volunteers as an assistant dance teacher for Intensity, and does volunteer work for Inspired Hearts & Hands as well as NHS & the Interact Club. Whew! She's a busy girl!

When not dancing or volunteering, you can probably find Maddie on the couch watching her favorite 80's movie, and eating popcorn (which she says she eats every night).

Maddie chose the Mexican War Streets for her senior session and it was one of my favorite locations that I've ever shot at. So many unique architectural features! We even found a small courtyard with a garden to give her some variety. We met several homeowners on our travels (most of whom were photographers) and they were super friendly and shared some of their favorite spots to photograph.

We ended the night at Allegheny Commons Park for some epic dance images.

Maddie plans to pursue dance in college. Her favorite content creator is Emma Chamberlain.

I have loved having Maddie on the team this year! She always has a smile and a calming presence and is a natural in front of the camera!

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Persistent. kindhearted. fun-loving. intelligent. passionate



Maddie L

Listen to Maddie talk about her team experience!

brentwood High school

Meet Rachel! Rachel has such a cool vibe about her, & even though she admitted that she was a little uneasy in front of the camera at first, she settled in and nailed her senior session!

She also picked one of my favorite session locations - Oakland! Some of my go-to locations in Oakland were under construction, and we couldn't go inside the Cathedral of Learning due to COVID, but that actually worked in our favor because we found some new locations and they turned out to be amazing!

Rachel attends Brentwood High School where she is in the band (she's in the band front where she has twirled the baton & flag - they switch it up every year which I think is really cool!). She also participates in stage crew for the Spring musical, pep club, & garden club.

In addition to all of that, Rachel is on Student Council and the Steering Committee, and is in National Honor Society. 

Outside of school, Rachel is a Girl Scout and volunteers at her local food bank. 

Rachel plans to pursue psychology in college, possibly getting her Doctorate and becoming a psychiatrist, but also wants to work in social work and therapy.

She also wants to travel the world and wants some of her first stops to be Greece, England, Italy, France & Ireland!

Rachel has been a true asset to the team this year & I've loved having her!

Her favorite influencer is Harry Styles. 

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creative. caring. smart. funny. introverted

maddie s



norwin area High school

Maddie's energy just lights up a room & she has been so much fun to have on the team this year. She loves to be in front of the camera & like me, can probably shoot for hours on end!

Maddie goes to Norwin and dances competitively with Albright Dance Stars in Monroeville. She also participates in the Peer Buddies Club at Norwin and is a member of National Honor Society and volunteers with them.

She loves going to concerts and just got back from seeing Harry Styles in New York!

Maddie's first session happened in literally a downpour. But, we made the best of it and had a lot of fun! Playing in the rain took some of the pressure off so we just relaxed into it and played...and got some great images as a result!

Because of the rain out, we finished Maddie's session on a different day - both sessions were in downtown Greensburg. I think Greensburg is a hidden gem for sessions! Art in the Alley is an ever-changing display of colorful art installations that make for some eye-popping photos, and the rest of the town has some great urban spots.

After graduation, Maddie plans to attend college to pursue psychology.

Maddie loves to hang at cafes, her friends' homes, or go on late night drives with her friends. You can also find her working at Rita's.

Maddie's favorite influencer is Emma Chamberlain because her content is funny & relatable.

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kind. caring. energetic.passionate. funny

maddie L

mars area

Maddie S

Loving what you've seen so far? Want in but not sure what to do next? We've GOT you! Read on for the must-have answers to your must-ask questions. Then, once you have all of the deets, hit us up to get on the list to be notified when enrollments go live!

what you need to know

creator team faqs

NO WAY! EVERYONE is welcomed & celebrated at Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography and our creator team members are no exception!  Everyone who wants to take part in the creator team experience is welcome! That being said, I do pour a ton of time & energy into the program and I've found the experience is most meaningful for everyone when I cap the team at between 5 - 10 seniors. 

are we "chosen" to be on the team? 

question #1:

NONE of my creator team members are models (that's not what this program is about & it's not like "model" or "rep" teams of the past). Most of my team members have never worked with a professional photographer before and THAT'S OK! The creator team isn't about your looks. It's about acceptance, living your truth, and having the confidence to unapologetically be YOU! It's also about learning to become a content creator, work with brands, and have year-round content for social media. Let me handle the photography stuff like posing, lighting, locations and what-to-wear. It's my job to photograph you looking your best (and I'm pretty darn good at that!). All you have to do is show up with an open mind, enthusiasm and a willingness to have fun!


question #2:

SO MUCH!!!!! Our creator team members are VIPS at Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography! You get ALL the perks and a ton of surprises that are "top-secret classified" until you are enrolled into the program. We are bursting at the seams to tell you more but we don't want to spoil the surprises! That would be like finding your Christmas gifts before they are under the tree.

Plus...you'll probably be Insta-famous by the end of Senior Year...just sayin;)

What's in it for me? 

question #3:

You're right. There is a TON of fun wrapped up in the Creator Team Experience! First off, the Creator Team is structured to fit into YOUR life...not the other way around. It is spread out over 16 months so typically there is only 1 event per quarter. Dates are communicated before you sign up for the team so that you can make a decision as to whether or not you can make the time commitment. While encouraged to attend as many events/shoots as possible so that you can get the full experience of being on the team (and 100% of the fun!), nothing is mandatory. I say that team participation is a "Get To", not a "Have To". 

This sounds like a lot. how much time does it require?

question #4:

You can absolutely sign up! And, we'd love to have you! I have had guys on the team in the past and they had the best time. Why should the girls get to have all the fun?!

I'm a dude. Can i sign up or is this just for girls?

question #5:

As I mentioned earlier, I pour a TON of my time and energy into the creator team program, so there is an investment to participate. However, I believe so strongly in this program and am so excited to bring it to Pittsburgh area seniors  that you can get in on the team for LESS than what you would pay as a regular client who comes to me for Senior Portraits! Wait, what?! (I'm sure you're thinking "is this chick nuts?") I assure you...I am not "nuts", just SUPER passionate about instilling confidence into Gen Z, helping them successfully navigate social media, and giving them an ahhh-mazing experience to elevate their senior year! You will be given all investment details at a later date so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this program is feasible for you.

Convinced yet? This is the hottest ticket in town & one you can't get anywhere else - so what are you waiting for?
(Hint...hint...this is the part where you click on the big purple button below)

What's it cost? 

question #6:


What types of senior photo locations suit YOUR personality? Take our super-fun, super-scientific 😉 quiz and find out!

(psst...you'll get access to our location guide at the end of the quiz!)