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 Junk food, karaoke, shopping, the woo-woo stuff (meditation, crystals, manifestation). Also…strong coffee & margaritas (on the rocks with lots of salt)!

shopping weaknesses:

Books (I buy more than I can read), coffee mugs (the ones with inspirational quotes on them), purses, big earrings & statement necklaces, pretty journals, boots (I don’t know why, I just love boots!). I also purchase too many online courses and I’m always on the hunt for the “perfect” planner, which I’ve yet to find. 

what i believe:

I believe that life is meant to be filled with experiences. I believe that every one of us was put on Earth to live our lives authentically and follow our dreams and that we each have a special gift to share with the world. 

I love laughing until my sides hurt, silly dancing, & telling very bad, slightly inappropriate jokes. 

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I create transformational portrait experiences for teens that instill confidence, and guide them
to step into their power so that they can show up authentically and offer their gifts to the

high school senior portrait photographer/
teen confidence coach

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My Why


If you would have told me that I would someday own my own photography business, I wouldn’t have believed you. Part of me always knew that I wanted my life to be different but I didn’t know how. When I was a kid, I thought that meant growing up to be a a rockstar or an actress. I wanted to be a ballerina (because don't ALL little girls want to be a ballerina?), but that dream came to an end quickly when I made my Mom take me out of ballet class because my feet got tired. The closest I came to any of those things was graduating college with a degree in TV Broadcasting, which I majored in because my parents wouldn't pay for acting school (I figured that being behind the camera was almost as good as being in front of it, and my parents were OK with that. So, that's what I did.)

I never thought I’d own my own business because back when I was a kid. That wasn’t something most people did back then so I never even considered it as an option. And, photography was something that was a means to an end to document (embarrass) my friends and capture the things that I didn’t want to forget like birthday parties and holidays.

"My passion lies in creating lasting relationships with my clients and giving each and every one an exceptional experience that they will remember for a lifetime!" 

But, after 17 years in a mind-numbingly boring corporate job, with a milestone birthday approaching, a voice that had been gnawing at the back of my head started to grow louder. It said, “You aren’t getting any younger, what are you waiting for? Do you want to look back on your life with regrets?” After telling that voice to shut up a few hundred times, I finally started to listen and gave up the safety and security, 401K, and paycheck to quit my job and try to make a go of doing things differently.

I wasn’t quite sure what “different” meant yet but I was determined to figure it out. I actually credit my Mom for starting me on this journey. Years earlier, my Mom had mentioned something about a photography business. She doesn't even remember saying it, but it must have stuck with me because it was the first thing I thought of when trying to figure out my path.

Fast forward and here I am - a business owner and photographer. I LOVE THIS FREAKING LIFE that I've built for myself! I am blessed and excited to wake up every day and do what I do. Yes, I love photography and business ownership, but my passion lies in creating lasting relationships with my clients and giving each and every one an exceptional experience that they will remember for a lifetime! I’ve also found that I’m super passionate about helping others find the path to their purpose and being there to support, encourage and help them along every step of the way. 

"I’m super passionate about helping others find the path to their purpose and being there to support, encourage and help them along every step of the way." 

my nieces - Camryn & Brooke

Q & a

...with Stacey

This, Not That

Question #1: what netflix character are you most like?

I would say that I'm a mix between Grace and Frankie from "Grace & Frankie". I think I'm mostly Frankie with her sage, quirkiness, meditation and childlike enthusiasm for life. But...there is also a lot of Grace there too with her go-getter, "refuse to take no for an answer" personality.

Question #2: what is the most interesting experience you've ever had?

I once was the opening singer for a local Elvis impersonator. I had a 30 minute "set" including dance moves. And...during Elvis's performance it was my job to follow him through the crowd and hand out scarves to the screaming women from off of Elvis's sweaty neck!


Twirl two batons (even lit with fire). I twirled from middle school through high school and was the majorette captain my senior year. I can still pretty much catch anything, but I often trip over my own two feet! I ended up shattering my kneecap into 23 pieces about 10 years ago when I tripped in my driveway while getting the mail!


I would love to put together a band or acoustic duo and perform locally. I've wanted to be a country singer since I was a little girl belting out songs in the front seat of my Dad's truck. He would change the radio station to make me stop, but much to his dismay, I knew the words to almost every song. I guess I never grew up because that dream has never gone away.


BEES!! I am TERRIFIED of bees and have been known to run into oncoming traffic to avoid one of those little buzzing terrorists!

My Faves

not that




I can't seem to go to bed before 1AM. Ever. I get my best ideas after 10pm and it's pretty likely that I want to relax & watch a show around 11pm...just as my husband is getting ready to go to bed (he's NOT a night owl).

I am NOT an early morning person. If forced to get up before 9am, I  need LOTS of strong coffee before I can function.

sauces + dips

plain jane

I am obsessed with sauces + dips! French onion dip is a staple in my fridge. I consider myself a buffalo chicken dip connoisseur. If I am out of dip, I have been known to use salad dressing or mayo to get my "dip" on.

If it doesn't have a sauce, dip (or garlic salt), I typically don't like it. This girl's gotta have flavor!

anything else


Especially dark roast coffee and Coca-Cola. Oh, and margaritas:)

I HATE water! Water doesn't taste like anything...I just don't see the point. I actually get heartburn if I try to drink water...I think it's my body rejecting it.



Give me a snowy day, fireplace & mountaintop lake house any day of the week! It's so peaceful to me to snuggle in front of a fire with a glass of wine & a good book to watch the snow fall (as long as I don't have to drive in it!).

The heat, the sand that gets everywhere, the waves that knock you off your feet, the possibility of stepping on a sea creature or getting caught in a riptide. None of that sounds fun to me. I love the beach at sunset though and love being around water and hearing the crash of the waves...so relaxing!



I LOVE road trips and prefer to drive over flying because I like to see the countryside. I love exploring new cities & towns and can always find something fun to do in any place!

Aside from getting to a destination quickly, I don't enjoy rushing through an airport & sitting on a crowded plane with nothing to look at but clouds. Not that I won't fly (it makes me nervous but not enough to quell my thirst for adventure), I just prefer a scenic drive.

My Why?

my faves!

My "Zen Den" - it's filled with all of my favorite things and is the only room that's ever organized.

Room in my house:

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little things that get me excited:

things to collect:

Karaoke, or Mexican & Margs!

Makeup! I believe you get what you pay for, and if it's going on my skin, it's gotta be good! Plus, I love to experiment with unique shades (but it's gotta have sparkle!) 

Grace & Frankie

The 80s! The music, the big hair...what's NOT to love???

Wedding dresses & big ball gowns

Getting the mail (you never know what could be in there), the smell of a new book, watching someone open a present

Inspirational coffee mugs, pretty journals, big earrings, statement necklaces, purses, boots

So....HOW DID I GET INTO photography?

The short answer...RELATIONSHIPS. I remember growing up, we had a "picture" wall in our hallway filled with family portraits. Every year my Mom would dress us up, fix our hair and take us to Olan Mills for our annual family portrait. I'm sure I whined & complained about the ordeal at least a few times, but looking back I am SO glad that I have those portraits as a visible reminder of my past. Those family photos, along with my wedding photos, are some of my most prized possessions and the first things I would grab (after my fur-babies) if I ever needed to get out of the house quickly in an emergency. 

Now, that my parents are getting older, I have been longing to get updated portraits with my parents and my sister. I find it kinda ironic that EVERYONE in my family hates being photographed.  I think I became a photographer because of the constant struggle to get photos of my family members without someone holding a beer bottle, baseball cap, or some other object in front of their face. I know firsthand how important it is to have images of our loved ones - to remember them as they were, as they are, and when they are no longer here. And...being unhappy with the way you look is no excuse to not step in front of the camera! Whether you hate the way you look in photos, think you are too large, too thin, have a pimple, have crooked teeth, not like your haircut...there are a MILLION reasons to hide when a camera is pointed in your direction. But those million reasons do not outweigh the ONE important reason to stand still and smile...your loved ones! Your children, grandchildren, and generations after want and deserve to remember you, learn about you, & have those images of you to hold dear. They don't care HOW you look, they just want to have those tangible reminders of all of the important moments in time and images help us all to do that.

As for me, I'm STILL trying to get that updated family photo...will I succeed? I SURE hope so!

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