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Senior Photography: Alana | Franklin Regional Class of 2023

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

Alana’s senior photo session is what I call the “perfect storm” of photography sessions – perfect weather, perfect lighting, perfect location, and a gorgeous girl who was a complete natural in front of the camera! Let me tell you…Alana had soooo many amazing images, I had a hard time paring them down for her gallery. Picking a selection of those images to showcase on her blog feature was even tougher!  She did a great job with her wardrobe styling and, with so many cute outfits, her two hour session flew by amazingly fast. So fast, we weren’t ready to stop. We ended up shooting until the last rays of sun faded over the horizon!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

Alana chose Mellon Park as the location for her session. Mellon Park is one of the most beautiful, and most popular, spots for senior photos in the Pittsburgh area. And, on the day of her session, the place was full of seniors, photographers, and lights. After many years of photographing, I’m pretty adept at picking my angles to avoid getting people in the background. It looks like we were the only ones there!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

Funny story…while Alana was changing clothes, my light kept going off and I was sure I was inadvertently pressing some button to cause that. As we went about the session, my light still had a mind of its own. It was going off and changing its settings willy-nilly. After a few minutes, another photographer called out to me. It turns out that our flashes were on the same radio frequency and we were controlling one another’s lights?! I’ve heard that could happen but it’s the first time in my 8+ years of photographing that it has ever happened to me!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

Anyway, Alana had “all the things” for her session – jeans, flowy skirts, a dress, dance leotards, even sunglasses! I LOVE it when my seniors come with a variety of options for outfits, and bring along some fun accessories too! This gives us the absolute most flexibility with posing and movement. Our Senior Style Guide helps each senior in selecting wardrobe, and I also work closely with each senior to help them choose looks that they love but that will also translate well on camera.

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

I first met Alana when I did prom photos for a group of Franklin Regional juniors this past spring. I knew that I wanted to work with her for her senior photos almost immediately. She was so easygoing that day, despite storms in the forecast and pretty hot temps. I’m so so so happy that she reached out to me to do her senior photos!

Pittsburgh PA High School Senior Photographer

And…umm…look at her dance images – stunning!

Class of 2023 and still need senior photos? Class of 2024 are you ready for yours? Send me a message via our contact form and let’s create something extraordinary together!

Session Location: Mellon Park
Hair & Makeup: Joy Lager, JL Makeup Studio | Beauty By Joy

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