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Introducing Our New Look!


Introducing our new look!

Hi there and welcome! I’m Stacey, the face behind Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography. I’m also a buffalo chicken dip connoisseur, garlic salt addict (seriously, shouldn’t garlic salt be its own food group?), and lover of the “woo”. I’m so glad you’re here! I can’t wait to introduce you to our new look and all of the cool things that means for you!!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice that I have a brand new website and a brand new logo to go along with it. I know what you’re thinking…”that’s cool and all, but why should I care? What’s in it for me?”. Well, quite a lot actually! The main reason behind why I redesigned my website, my logo and all of the other cool changes I’m going to tell you about is Y.O.U. Let me explain.

The “old” look:

I’ve had my photography business since 2014 and a lot has changed since I began. In the beginning, I really had no clue how I wanted to structure my business or what type of photography I wanted to focus on. I didn’t know what products I wanted to offer, or the type of experience I wanted to provide for my clients.

So…I started off doing it all. I was a wedding photographer, family photographer, newborn and maternity photographer, pet photographer, event photographer. If I could photograph it, I would. Same goes for products. I wanted to offer ALL THE THINGS! So, that’s what I did for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad idea to do that. It gave me time to figure out what I loved photographing and what I was passionate about. It also allowed me to sample a wide variety of products to see what I liked and what I didn’t.

Introducing our new look:

Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography website and logo

Fast forward to now, six years later, and I am in a very different spot in my business. I now have a clear idea of what I am passionate about photographing. I know what products I want to offer, and the client experience I want to provide for each and every client. I have actually known this for a few years now but I wanted to take my time honing my skills, educating myself, and shopping around for the very best handcrafted artisan products in the industry. All so that I could bring all of that knowledge and goodness to you!

This newly redesigned website is the culmination of all of that hard work and distills a lot of information about the Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography experience! I can’t wait for you to take a look around! Let me give you the “cliff notes” version in the meantime (well…kinda “cliff notes” – I talk a lot!). This is what you need to know.

New focus:

First and foremost, I am focusing on my two loves – wedding photography and high school senior photography! What that means for you is the following. I have spent hundreds of hours educating myself on wedding and high school senior photography. I have studied and practiced technique, lighting, and posing specific to those two areas of photography. I am not only positioning myself as an expert/educator in wedding and senior photography but also with everything that goes along with those two genres! I am knowledgeable in all stages of wedding planning from timeline creation to day-of coordination, to everything in between. Seniors, I know how to help you navigate senior year successfully…without losing your mind! Don’t worry though…I am still photographing other types of photography! So, if you are interested in newborn, maternity, child, family, pet – you name it – feel free to reach out via our contact form and I’m happy to provide you with a custom quote!

The Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography website and blog will be your resource for “all things wedding” and “all things senior”. I will be adding more educational content on the blog. I will also be offering free downloads that anyone planning a wedding or approaching senior year will find invaluable. Basically, I want to position myself and the Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography brand to become a resource for area brides/couples and high school seniors…all while providing my clients with the ultimate photography experience and ahhh-mazing images!

As far as photography, I have added a lot more content to the website to answer a lot of the common questions that I receive from clients/potential clients. In addition to showcasing images from sessions, I have expanded the focus of both the website and blog to include more information about the experience. The blog will be a mix of posts centered around weddings and high school seniors, recaps and behind-the-scenes of sessions and our Style Squad Senior Influencer Program, and some personal stuff too so that you can get to know the face behind the camera (that’s me!).

Style Squad Senior Influencer Program:

Aside from the website, I also have some other fun things in the works! The Style Squad Senior Model Program has been expanded/redesigned to a Senior INFLUENCER program!  With that comes a lot more perks, a mentoring aspect, and more opportunities to work with me. The Style Squad Senior Influencer program centers around its team members and is a heck of a lot of fun! I’m super excited about this program and can’t wait to meet the Class of 2022!! I am accepting applications NOW, so check the website for details if you are interested!)

VIP Groups:

I’m also working on creating VIP groups for past/present/future clients so that they can interact, share information, and keep in touch with one another and with me. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that client relationships are SUPER important to me! My goal is that we stay friends long after your wedding day is over or you have graduated high school. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is meeting one of my former couples or seniors for lunch or coffee (Coffee is ALWAYS a good idea! I also love margs for the “over 21” crowd).

Instagram 2.0:

Lastly (for now), my Instagram account (@staceylynboutiquephotography) is getting an upgrade. Whether you are a senior or are getting married, you can now get right to the content that you want to see without having to sift through the content that you don’t by searching #staceylynseniors or #staceylynweddings. This way, I can focus on creating more specific content tailored to each genre such as articles, blog posts, tips and advice, behind-the-scenes, and of course, photography. You are welcome to either search those hashtags or, just check out the @staceylynboutiquephotography Instagram page to see all of our great senior and wedding-related content as well as personal stuff, the “woo” stuff, fashion, my favorite products, and more! If you aren’t already following me on Insta, I’d love to have you check us out! Head over to Insta and follow me when you are done looking around the website!

Whew…that was A LOT of information! Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you see now why this rebrand was so important. And you thought it was “just a website and new logo”;) I’m thrilled that you found us – be sure to check in regularly for more great content centered around wedding and high school senior photography! And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @staceylynboutiquephotography! Until then, XOXO…


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